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January 9, 2015 / Coach Acie Earl

Venom spring fling 3-12th grades boys -girls -final results

This is our 8th annual venom spring fling boys -girls 3-12th grade tourney.  Our biggest event of the season as we get teams from all over the midwest.

winter 2014

vsg 6th

3 game guarantee, in some divisions 4 or 5 games will be played.  All games certified officials , player medals and team trophies for 1st and 2nd place teams.

March 14th-sat girls- thanks parents and kids for playing

March 15th-sun boys -thanks parents and kids for playing

School teams and AAU/Travel teams will be seeded and or split accordingly to ensure fair play and equal play when applicable

prairie hawks

prairie girls

Games will be played in Iowa City location  mercer scanlon gym

girls teams will play on saturday only

boys teams on sunday only.

General admission will be free for everyone.

belvidere girls


Register your team below link.


Divisions of teams confirmed


Girls-schedule -final results below 

spring fling 15

Court A Court B
Saturday Home vs Away Court B Home vs Away
8:00 VSG 3rd/4th Solon 3rd/4th Swarm VSG 5th
8:50 vsg 3/4 highland Solon 5th VSG 5th
9:40 Solon 3rd/4th Highland 2 Rivers Players Swarm
10:30 team ice keokuk purple cyclones vsg 7th
11:20 Tri State Storm 4th Solon 3rd/4th 2 Rivers Players VSG 5th
12:10 waterloo phenom Keokuk tri state storm fort madison
1:00 hancock Tri State Storm purple cyclones iw chargers
1:50 Tri Statejr  Storm Highland 2 Rivers Players Solon 5th
2:40 waterloo phenom fort madison tri state storm In da mix
3:30 hancock team ice vsg 7th iw chargers
4:20 Tri State jr Storm VSG 3rd/4th Swarm Solon 5th
5:10 ft madison in da mix waterloo phenom tri state storm
6:00 7th 3rd 8th 3rd 7th 2nd 8th 2nd
6:50 7th 1st 8th 1st

3/4th girls-vsg, solon-2nd , highland-3rd, ,tri state jr storm-champs 

5th -vsg-2nd place, solon, swarm- , 2 river players-champs

7th-team ice-champions ,keokuk 3rd place,  , hancock go shock -2nd place

8th-vsg-2nd  ,iw chargers, purple cyclones -

11-12th varsity-, ,waterloo phenom, N da mix, ft madison , tri state storm- champs 

Boys -start at 9am and games done by 4.30pm-all games at mercer scanlon gym 2701 bradford drive,ic ia

schedule final results below-

Court A Court B
Sunday Home vs Away Court B Home vs Away
9:30 Minneapolis Thu Team X Montezuma HS Team Swoosh
10:30 Team X Benton-Walmac In Minneapolis Thunder Montezuma HS
11:30 Davenport Next L Centerville Tigerha Jr Warriors 8th CR Storm
12:20 Team X Montezuma HS Benton-Walmac Inferno Team Swoosh
1:10 CR Storm Centerville Tigerha IntermeJr. Warriors 8th Davenport Next Le
2:00 Team X Team Swoosh Minneapolis Thunder Benton-Walmac I
2:50 CR Storm Davenport Next Lev Interme Jr. Warriors 8th Centerville Tiger
3:40 Minneapolis Thun Team Swoosh Montezuma HS Benton-Walmac I

9-10jv- cedar rapids jr warriors 8thcedar rapids storm , davenport next level-2nd place, centerville tigerhawks-champs

11-12 varsity-team swoosh, benton-2nd place,   team x, montezuma – minn thunder- champs

January 8, 2015 / Coach Acie Earl

Coach Earl’s Nike skills dribbling/shooting holiday camp dec 29-30 a big sucess

While most kids were eating Holiday goodies over break about 27 boys and girls grades 2nd-12th were working on their skills in North Liberty.

ll boys group

nike camp-holiday dec

Coach earl has now ran 2 camps for Nike skills, with the 1st one last summer in Waterloo ,Ia.  There are now plans to do 2 in summer 2015 in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids area July 13-22nd.  Call 1800-nike -camp to register next summer.

north liberty, ia 2014

nike holiday camp

All kids at camp received a camp Nike shirt, evaluations , certificates, wrist bands and the kids who pre-registered  received a Nike camp ball.

brand new courts

cedar valley sports complex

November 26, 2014 / Coach Acie Earl

Coach Earl announces new partnership with SHOT TRACKER

Over the years for Coach Earl has seen and tested many basketball devices, machines and apps in his basketball life.  From dribble goggles, big balls, dribble pro balls, weighted balls, post blocking pad, shooting machines, cones, speed-agility ladder, shooting hand place placement ball, weighted vest, ankle and arm weights, Noah shooting arc.  All those were and are good devices and many of them I have used personally and bought for my teams and my very own kids.

But I am here to tell you , Coach Earl has now found the the best and most innovative basketball device I’ve ever seen.  This device please click to view below

This new device is timeless and not age or gender specific.  Some of those devices above I listed are good for young kids but as kids get older and better they lose their value.  Some of the devices can’t be used by young kids as they are not strong enough or big enough to get the value of it.  Again this new device is timeless, as my 3rd grader and my 10th grader can get equal value of the SHOT TRACKER.

order it here

Now as a parent/dad/Coach , the biggest thing you always ask your kids , Did you shoot today?  Ok you did, how many did you Make ?  So over time, what happens , they lie, over calculate , or just don’t remember how many they made or shot.  So as parents, we get smart and we have them create a ledger, make a sheet, or record in a notebook.  Then over time , it gets lost, they forget it in their bags, or at home ,or it gets so crumpled up and its worthless.  Or again they inflate the makes and shots as we don’t know how hard or fast they shot, game speed or training speed.

So  again this device solves any problem you might have had above.  Plus it uses technology we all have, we all have access to an Ipad and we all have smart phones, either android/galaxy or Iphone.  The apps are free to download so its no additional cost. Plus all the kids are tech savy so its easy to use.  Most of all ,as a dad or coach you can see what your kid has done shooting wise.  No more ,yes dad I shot, yes coach I’ve been practicing all summer.  You as a coach can download the free coaches app and be able to track all your players or kids shooting progress.  It automatically measures 3 pt shots, free throws , lay ups and just regular shots.  So no more guessing or stopping to note or record the shots and makes.  All the apps are avail on samsung or the apple store again free.

The 2 part device works like this.  The motion chip is embedded in a wrist band or shooting sleeve, which both come with the device free.  The sensor is a 2×2 inch plastic clip on device that clips strongly to the net.  The plastic clip is rechargeable by a usb cord like a phone or ipad device so never needs batteries.  The clip on is portable as well so it can be taken to any gym or hoop.  All the info is sent to your phone and or ipad and stored for life.  All this for the reasonable price of only 149.00 plus shipping coming from Kansas City.

order now-5 to 7 days

ships quickly and cheap

I was so impressed with the company I met with them this Fall, as the COO/ co founder of SHOT TRACKER  came to my hotel while one of my Venom teams were playing in a tourney.  They loved what I was doing for youth ball as a coach and trainer and offered to make me a sales rep.  For each device sold from our Venom store ,each client will receive a free book or dvd from me as a token of my appreciation.  So dont wait to order now , as they can have it to you in 5-7 days from order online below.

July 26, 2014 / Coach Acie Earl

venom sports boys/girls teams fall tourney results and Dec 28th winter final results- 2014-2015 season

Venom sports boys and girls are happy to announce their fall and winter tourney dates.  Our tourneys are perfect for any of level boys and girls teams.

Venom sports tourneys have now reset the bar with no parent admission.  Many tourney directors have price gauged parents and teams with 5-6 and 7 dollar parent admission plus high priced concessions.  Many times a family can’t bring the siblings, grandparents , friends of the family and can’t attend due to cost.

fear no more as listed below our all inclusive price where all parents and spectators get in free, kids, parents, grandparents and family friends .


Dont miss out to challenge your players versus top programs.

At any time coach earl can take a credit card team payment on his phone thru square reader and save you the tourney machine credit card processing fee.

Thuzio Profile


tourney winners

click below for tourney flier  or online registration

click to register for our tourneys

register here for our tourneys

onsite tourney fee agreed fee, plus 25.00, no checks , cash or credit card option only.

team special requests


2701 bradford drive, iowa city ia,

3/4th boys – VSB white-2nd place, vsb black, cr. swish -champs,  cedar rapids cougars,

5/6th girls -lightning 4th ], wilton sharks-1st place. vsg-2nd place, lone tree,

7/8th girls  south east iowa stars 2nd place, vsg black,  wilton beavers-champs, des moines team x, 

7.8th boys-,cedar falls tigers,wolf creek timberwolves 1, wolf creek timberwolves 2,bowers chriropractic , 

9-10- jv boys, , des moines team x,j hawks, cedar rapids cougars 


iowa stars

se iowa stars

Fall Shootout Only-sun oct 25th – 3-12th boys and girls- final results

Tourney divisions and teams 

7/8th girls -vsg-champs, south east iowa stars 2nd place ,team iowa 

7.8th boys -ultimate choice swish-2nd place ,  iowa city dream team-champs, wolf  creek timberwolves ,waterloo impact ,

9-10- jv boys, cedar rapids rush, benton-2nd place, craft conchran panthers-champs,  iowa team swoosh-3rd

9-10 jv girls Keokuk, iowa heat-2nd place, ,waterloo phenom-champs

onsite registration fee, agreed team fee ,plus 25.00 for teams paying day of, cash or credit card only, no checks . or no medals or trophies will be awarded

click below for online registration

vsg 5/6th

vsg 5/6th

onsite tourney fee, agreed team fee plus 25.00

dec sun 28th-Venom sports boys winter games -3-8th boys and girls. final results below

free entry parent admission

mercer/scanlon gym in iowa city 2701 bradford drive, ic ia 52245

download flier here and send in by mail to reserve your spot VenomWinter2014TeamRegistrationV1

anytime call or email coach earl for questions, team info , rules ect, 319 430-2537 or, or to pay by credit card and register early.


VENOM WINTER GAMES 2014-sun dec 28th, mercer scanlon gym, 2701 bradford drive ,ic ia
Court A Court B
10:00 Iowa City Spot vs Davenport Future Venom Girls – Black vs Washington Crush
10:50 Iowa City Spot vs Martin Brothers 6th Venom Girls – Black vs Venom Girls – White
11:40 Davenport Future vs Des Moines Ambition Venom Girls – White vs Washington Crush
12:30 Iowa City Spot vs Des Moines Ambition vs
1:20 Martin Brothers6th vs Davenport Future Girls 2nd seed vs Girls- 3rd seed
2:10 Martin Bro – 6th vs Des Moines Ambition Girls 1st seed vs Winner 2nd/3rd

7th boys-,martin brothers elite,iowa city spot 2nd place, des moines ambitiion, davenport future -champs

7-8th boys

des moines team x

7th /8th girls -vsg white 3rd place,  washington crush 2nd place, vsg black champs

7th boys

iowa city spot

May 12, 2014 / Coach Acie Earl

Venom sports girls will let your child join free for the summer.

can you think of a better deal ? As if your daughter is a k-4th grader we will let them play  free for the summer if you want.


vsb 3-4th

vsb young team

We practice sundays 3.30-m to 4.30pm and wed, 5.30pm to 7pm at grantwood elem . click

Now the summer months we concentrate on skills and fundamentals of the game so its easier for your daughter to join.


coach earl coaching the players

venom sports boys

Our 3/4th girls team is our weakest team due to numbers and we need more players.  In the past we had the most kids on this team as this was our feeder team to our older teams.  This is a great opportunity to introduce your child to real basketball . Rec programs and teams are good but often get your kids in bad habits and not understand the rules of real basketball.


The key to developing a good young player is to start them off young learning the correct rules and style of play.  We have our young teams play in a competitive league that call fouls, allow zones, pressing, jump balls and proper free throw and warm up protocol.


Join now for free until aug 15th- call coach earl 319 430 2537

May 11, 2014 / Coach Acie Earl

Coach Earl sets his summer basketball camp and training schedule

In his multiple year with the YMCA basketball camp system in Coggon, and Davenport , and now this year NIKE.  Coach Earl would like to announce his camp dates.

camp wapsie

coach earl at wapsi

Camp Wapsie- Coggon, Ia , north of cedar rapids.  In coach earl’s 7th summer with Camp Wapsie, his week scheduled this year is Aug 4th -8th .  In order to register your child for a few hours of basic basketball training, drills and games, please call 319 435 2578 .  Boys and girls of all ages are welcome

brand new courts

cedar valley sports complex

Coach Earl is in his 3rd year with the Davenport ymca and has 2 weeks of camp.  The 1st camp is scheduled July 7th-11th at Davenport North Y 9am- to 11am.  The 12th [friday is an optional shooting day for 25.00] .the 2nd camp  is scheduled for aug 4-8th 1 pm to 3, 3opm again at davenport north y.  Regular cost of camp is 65.00 per kid, 2nd-9th grade, boys and girls.  Please call 563 391 7771 for more info.  All so basic and advanced players are welcome as we will emphasise skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing, ball handling, lay ups, and rebounding.  Awards will be handed out for individual competitions and games .  Each player will receive a t-shirt.

coach earl trains zack

coach earl and zack

cant make a camp, then book directly with coach earl to do individual training thru the spring and summer.  Training is only 20.00 per hour or 25.00 for 1.5 hours.  Accepted methods of pay are cash , or check,.  Training is done in Iowa city, on mostly each day .  Coach earl emphasises advanced dribbling, shooting form, advanced lay ups, footwork, post moves and out side shooting.  Parents are welcome to let coach earl what your child needs and stay and watch workouts as he will normally talk you thru each drill and why it done and what it is used for.  Coach earl specializes in muscle memory and exsercise science techniques and principles from his graduate degree in Sports -business rec.  Parents can pre pay for a discount and or bring other kids for a multiple discount. No age limit on kids k-12th boys or girls.  call to schedule anytime 319 430-2537 


coach earl at the autograph table

Dont miss the 1st ever Nike camp in iowa for ages 8-17 held at Cedar Valley sports complex in cedar falls iowa.  camp is July 14-18th mon-fri 9am to 3pm.  Lunch can be bought 12-1pm.  Players can register at 1800 nike camp or .  For so more info call 319 291-0165



foot massage parents book directly with as they will have  (

coe elite camp intro

coe players intro to camp

January 5, 2014 / Coach Acie Earl

venom spring fling tourney final results march 15th girls , march 16th boys-3-12th grades

Click below for final  results

This is our flagship tourney in its 7th year.  Last year we had over 85 teams in 5 sites.  This tourney is for all ages 3-12th grade school and AAU level and will have over 46 teams .  The girls will play on Saturday and the Boys on sunday the 16th.  Sites will be only be in Iowa City at Scanlon-Mercer gym, and south east jhs, This spring Venom Sports will offer and all exclusive option for teams will no parent admission charge

Prices for team registration below rules and waivers will be handed out on site

credit card link click here  only credit card entries will be taken in divisions needing teams

On site registration 225.00 day of tourney

final results updated 

Scorekeepers will be provided and certified refs will be used.  Trophies for 1st and 2nd place teams will be awarded and medals for each winning 1st and 2nd place winner will be given. This tourney typically draws teams and programs from Nebraska, Illinios, <Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  Its a great year ending tourney for school teams ending their season.  Also a great AAU season beginning tourney to organize your teams and get them ready for the AAU spring /summer season. Please parents be patient with medals and trophies as as we added 3 divisions after we ordered our initial medals and trophies.  We have ordered more and hoping they will be there this weekend , if not they will be mailed to each coach.

Divisions of teams-some divisions are closed and others are still open to even out divisions- click below, for complete schedule,

3/4th boys - Team iowa- champs, linn mar big cats-,Cedar rapids jr cougars- 2nd ,Waterloo impact warriors-3rd

3/4th girls -VSG- 2nd , Cedar rapids washington jr warriors -champs ,   burlington grey hounds- 3rd place

5th -6th girls, vsg 5th black- 2nd place,,keokuk, VSG 6th white  -3rd place, Cedar rapids Prairie hawks -champs.

5th-6th boys -, A-div-North Liberty resevoir dogs- 2nd place,  Waterloo hoover hawks -3rd, Waterloo martin Brothers attack, Iowa city Spot warriors -champs

5-6th boys B div -VSB 3rd div , Centerville Reds-champs, Cedar rapids jr cougars-2nd place

7th boys -cedar rapids kennedy jr cougars 3rd place, davenport north wildcats, Fairfield-champs-New London,-2nd place,

7th -8th girls - North east iowa thunder- 7th 3rd-place,bellvue 7th champs, cedar rapids regis -xaiver 2nd VSG- 8th 2nd place , Rock island Dream 8th champs- 

8th boys , des moines team x -champs, cedar rapids rush-, cedar rapids legacy 3rd clear creek clippers, Iowa city Dream Team 2nd place, Cedar Rapids Jr Warriors ,  

9-10th-JV -hs.girls-vsg jv  north east iowa thunder- champs, independence- 2nd place , 

9-10th JV boys- walmac inferno-champs nicl warriors 3rd place,cedar rapids linn marr, Centerville 2nd, Iowa city hawks-

Any questions or more info please call Coach earl 319 430-2537 or

we will now offer all our future tourneys with free parent admission-



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